Creating a Proposal in Estimating

Create a professional construction proposal for a customer directly from your UDA Estimate. Use the Proposal Wizard to import contact and project information, specify a scope of work and any special conditions, and automatically insert estimate information. Allowances and Options marked in the estimate will automatically be listed in the proposal.

Create a proposal

  1. In an open estimate, go to Reports > Proposal Wizard.

  2. After you have read the introduction, click Next.

  3. Import Contact and Project Information by using the selector buttons and choosing from the lists that appear.

  4. Select desired additional options at the bottom of the wizard.

Letterhead Graphic will automatically insert a letterhead on your proposal.

Transmittal, Fax, Envelope, and/or Memo will launch the selected documents after completing the wizard.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Check to include the Scope of Work and any Special Conditions for your project.

For a limited scope project, type the Scope of Work. For other projects, type a reference to the specifications you will attach to the end of the proposal. 

Type any Special Conditions. Special conditions are typically conditions specific to each project that you want to make sure the client is aware of. For example, to ensure the client fully understands what to expect, you may want to describe certain services that will not be included in the project.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Check to include Base Price information. The total base price is calculated from your estimate.  If the price includes lot and property costs, select Base Price includes Lot/Property Costs at the bottom of the window.

The default list includes Exterior Finishes, Foundation Type, Window Brand and Type, Roof Shingle Brand and Type, Type/Material of Fascia and Soffit, Specific Room Finishes and Moldings, and Ceiling Heights and Styles. You can edit existing text and add your own.  

  1. Click Next.

  2. Use the checkboxes to select which Dimensions you would like to list in your proposal.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Select any reference lists you would like to create.

  5. Click Finish. The proposal will open in Microsoft Word.

  6. Go to File > Save to save the document.

  7. Review each section of the document for accuracy. Revise, add, and delete information as necessary. 

    UDA identifies information specific to each project by formatting the text in blue. Revise this text to meet your project needs and then change all blue text to black by clicking the change all text to black button on the Document Management toolbar.

  8. Take advantage of the features and functions in UDA Document Management to customize and organize your report information.

& NOTE:  You can also create a proposal directly from ConstructionSuite by going to File > New > New Proposal in the interface, or by expanding the Quick Links section and clicking on the New Proposal link.