Creating Change Orders in Estimating

Properly documenting change orders is one of the key factors in keeping your project costs on target. In ConstructionSuite, you can now enter, track, and manage project change orders quickly and easily. Document all project changes and ensure that everybody is on the same page with the powerful Change Order Management features available in Premier versions and higher of UDA ConstructionSuite.

Create a change order

  1. In an open estimate, go to a category page and click in the Type column for the subcategory you wish to designate as a change order.

  2. Select Change Order from the drop-down menu. The Change Order Wizard will open.

  3. Choose whether you want to Create a new change order or Add selection to existing change order.

Change orders are organized by an automatically-assigned number and user-defined name. Any selections added to a particular change order will be grouped together for Status, Contracts, and Reports. For example, if you add 3 selections to Change Order 1, the Status (Pending, Accepted, Rejected) will remain consistent throughout the estimate, even if the selections exist in separate subcategories. When you launch change order contracts or reports, all selections for Change Order 1 will remain grouped.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Type a Name and Description.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Select a Status from the drop-down menu.

Pending and Rejected change orders will not be calculated in the cost of the estimate. Accepted change orders will be added into the cost of the estimate.

  1. Select a location for the change order.

You can assign the change order to the default category/subcategory location, select a different category/subcategory combination, or create a new subcategory for your change order.

  1. If you selected to use an existing category/subcategory combination for your change order, you will be prompted to choose one of the following options on the next page of the wizard:

Create another subcategory with the same name. In this instance, if you needed to create a change order for the Tile Flooring Materials subcategory under the Tile & Ceramics category, this option would create another Tile Flooring Materials subcategory designated as a Change Order. You would only need to enter the additional cost of the change order for the new Tile Flooring Materials subcategory.  For example, if your client wants to add an additional $1000.00 in tile materials, you would only need to enter $1000.00 in the new subcategory because the original cost still exists in the original subcategory.

Convert the selected subcategory into a change order. In this instance, the Tile Flooring Materials subcategory would be designated as the change order and not be separated into two subcategories. You would need to add the cost of the change order to the original estimated cost of the subcategory. For example, if the Tile Flooring Materials cost $3500.00 before the change order and the customer wanted to add an additional $1000.00, you would need to change the total cost to $4500.00 for the category.  

& NOTE: If you change a subcategory marked as Option to a Change Order, it is recommended that you choose Convert the selected subcategory into a change order. Options are not calculated in the estimated cost of the project. By changing the status of the subcategory from Option to Change Order, the cost entered for the subcategory will be reflected in the change order.

  1. Click Finish. The change order will be shaded in the estimate. Enter the appropriate amount for the change order and make any other selections such as Classification, Resource, Tax Type, Markup, etc.

@ IMPORTANT: When a Change Order has been accepted or rejected by your customer, remember to change the Status in the estimate. This ensures that accepted change orders are calculated in the total cost of your estimate and can be properly recorded if you are using QuickBooks Integration (available in Pro versions and above).

& NOTE: You can also create a change order from an item in a subcategory. On a Category page, right-click on the item name and select Create Change Order from the menu.