Adding Line Item Markup in Estimating

UDA Estimating now gives you more options than ever for adding markup in your estimate. Beyond calculating markup for individual subcategories and items in your estimate, you can also define markup percentages by classification and have UDA Estimating automatically assign markup amounts based on whether the subcategory or item is designated as Material, Labor, Subcontractor, Equipment, or Other.

Defined percentages for estimate Classifications

  1. In an open estimate, go to Tools > Options and click on the General tab.

  2. Click the Edit Markups... button. The Line Item Markup window opens.

  3. Check the box next to Enable Line Item Markup and enter percentages for each of the classifications.

  4. Click OK.

Use Classifications for markup in the estimate

  1. After you have defined percentages for each classification, go to a category page by clicking on a category or subcategory name on the Project Totals sheet.

  2. If the Classification column is not showing, go to View > Show/Hide Columns, select Classification under the Organization heading and click OK to close the form.

  3. On the category page, use the drop-down menu to select a classification for a subcategory or item. The related markup will be added to the cost of the subcategory or item.

& NOTE: Line Item Markup is shown as a part of the Total Price and is not added into the base Estimate value or the Total Cost.

Individually add markup to subcategories or items

  1. In the estimate, go to a category page by clicking on a category or subcategory name on the Project Totals sheet.

  2. Click in the Line Item Markup cell for the subcategory or item you wish to mark up. The Individual Line Item Markup window appears.

  3. Choose whether you would like to use a Percentage Markup or a Fixed Amount Markup and enter the desired number.

  4. Click OK.

& NOTE: Clicking on the Advanced button the Line Item Markup form will take you to the Set Line Item Markups by classification form.