About UDA Document Management.

Communication is Key. Save time and increase accuracy with UDA Document Management, the powerful component that works with all of your ConstructionSuite™ documents such as Estimates, Schedules, Contracts, Specifications, and Reports. Advanced, yet intuitive features enable you to integrate your documents with the powerful ConstructionSuite project management system.

Create Professional, Customized Documents. Every UDA document comes with the ability to be fully customized to fit your project needs. Use the Document Management Wizard to import contact information for any vendor, supplier, subcontractor, lender, or client, and quickly connect all documents to the ConstructionSuite™ database. Then, put a professional polish on your documents with easy-to-use features such as styles, letterheads, watermarks, and more.

With Document Management, you can:

Create Your Own Custom Documents. Use the Custom AutoDocs wizard to create a fully-automated construction letter, contract/form, or a custom document in a few simple steps. The Custom AutoDocs wizard is linked with your ConstructionSuite database, allowing you to easily import project and contact information.

Making Integration Work for You. By selecting a project for your document, you've already taken one step toward integrating it with the dynamic ConstructionSuite database. Take integration one step further by creating additional connections between your documents and ConstructionSuite. From the Document Management Toolbar, you can add Contacts, assign new Activities, create new To Dos, and launch documents or document templates from any project Workflow.