About UDA Contacts

People are everywhere. Keep them organized with UDA Contacts. Managing contacts throughout your company can be a daunting task, even for the smallest firm. With the sheer number of people it requires to complete a project successfully - from your own employees to clients, subcontractors, lenders, suppliers, vendors, and more, you need a system that enables you to take control of contact management.

As a part of the leading-edge CRM technology of ConstructionNet, UDA Contacts delivers dynamic contact management for construction professionals. More than just an application to store contact information, UDA Contacts offers advanced integration with numerous components in the ConstructionSuite™ system, including Projects, Activities, To Dos, Estimates, Schedules, Contracts, Specifications, Insurance Tracking, Lead Management, and the Items Database.*

With UDA Contacts, you can:


Synchronize and Maximize. You can also synchronize UDA Contacts with essential office programs such as Microsoft Outlook and QuickBooks, which maximizes your time by eliminating tedious double entry tasks.

& NOTE: Not all features are included in every ConstructionSuite version. Refer to the ConstructionSuite Specialized Versions section for a complete listing of the components included in each version.