About UDA ConstructionSuite™

Introducing the New ConstructionSuite . UDA ConstructionSuite combines the power of the next generation of ConstructionOffice with the breakthrough technology of ConstructionNet CRM to deliver the most comprehensive management system for construction professionals. Highlights include Resource Allocation, Change Order Management, Items Database, two-way QuickBooks Integration, Cadsoft Envisioneer Integration, automated Application for Payment, Construction Calendar, Workflow Management, and everything you need to take control of your projects.

Powerful Integration. Total Control. The ConstructionSuite system takes integration to the next level to give you complete control over contact and project management. With ConstructionSuite, you’ll have powerful project management tools fully integrated with new ConstructionNet CRM technology. Effortlessly make connections across projects, contacts, and all your estimates, schedules, contracts, reports, and more with the powerful integration in UDA ConstructionSuite .  

Bring on the Breakthrough: ConstructionNet CRM. As the first CRM (company resource management) solution engineered specifically for the construction industry, UDA ConstructionNet delivers a dual contact and project database system that transforms the complex web of managing construction into a sleek and streamlined process. Leverage comprehensive Contact and Project Information Management, Certificate and Lead Tracking, Project and Contact Associations, Activities and To Dos, and advanced Calendar functions, and put the power of leading-edge CRM technology at your fingertips.  

Stop Struggling & Start Streamlining. In a single day of managing projects, you have enough to keep straight - from where your subcontractors are supposed to be to whether your materials will show up on time. Add in contacting your lender for your financial needs and calling the client to address any questions, and you've already created a complex web of information. Even if you only manage a few projects a year, you need more organization than a yellow pad or off-the-shelf software can provide. Stop struggling and start streamlining your business with the ConstructionSuite system.