Using Activity Reminders

Reminders play an invaluable role in giving you the control you need for project and company management. With ConstructionSuite Activities, you have multiple options for setting reminders to ensure that you can choose the best method of keeping yourself ahead of the curve.

Through the Activities form, you can set numerous reminders, giving you the opportunity to be reminded far in advance and close to the start of an Activity. You can set Reminders through drop-down menus on the main tab of the Activity form, or you can take advantage of advanced options on the Reminders tab of the Activity form.

Set advanced Reminders for Activities

  1. Open the Activities window.

If you want to create a new Activity, click [add activity] link in any of the Activities sections on either the Today Summary, Project Overview, or Contact Summary tab, or click the New button on the Construction Calendar toolbar. The New Activity window will open.

If you want to add Reminders to Activities you have already created, click on the entry name in the Activities section of the Today Summary, Project Overview, or Contact Summary tab, or double-click the entry on the Construction Calendar. The Edit Activity form will open.

  1. Click the Reminders tab.

  2. Click the [add reminder] link under the type of reminder you would like to create.

  3. Select between Simple Reminder and Specific Date.

Simple Reminder enables you to select a time frame (in days or weeks) before the start of the activity. You can also set a time of day to be reminded.

Specific Date allows you to use the calendar to choose which day you would like to be reminded. You can also set a time of day for this option.

  1. Type a Reminder Message.

  2. Designate if you would like to Show Popup Message and/or Send Email to Client.

  3. Click OK. The Reminder(s) will appear at the selected time.

& NOTE: ConstructionSuite must be running for Reminders to appear at the designated times.