About the UDA Construction Calendar

Always Know What's Next. ConstructionSuite™ automatically merges your project schedules and business activities in the new Construction Calendar to give you ultimate control over your company's upcoming events. With four dynamic views - Month, Week, Day, and List - and numerous options for customizing each, the Construction Calendar offers one of the most flexible tools available for managing construction schedules.

Construction Calendar. Advanced Control. Designed for multi-project management, the Construction Calendar pulls from the powerful ConstructionSuite™ database to unite project schedules with your business activities to give you a central access point for all of your company's events. Once inside the Construction Calendar, you can customize the view through defining a time frame, filtering information by a variety of options, and rearranging columns to meet your management needs. Then, you can also capitalize on the advanced Reminder system to ensure that you and your employees, vendors, and subcontractors always know what's coming next.

With the Construction Calendar, you can:


Making Integration Work for You. Integration reigns in the new UDA Construction Calendar. With the ability to merge data from numerous aspects of the ConstructionSuite system, you have the power to access and manage all the information you need to keep your projects and company moving forward. In addition to working in conjunction with UDA Scheduling and Activities created through the new ConstructionNet CRM, the Construction Calendar also offers dynamic integration with the Reporting, Contact, and Document Management systems in UDA ConstructionSuite. And, with bi-directional synchronization between the Construction Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, you can be sure that everyone in your company has access to your company's upcoming events, whether they're in the office or on the go with a pocket PC or PDA.

& NOTE: Only Project Subtasks from schedules marked as Primary will appear in the Construction Calendar. To learn more about Primary Schedules, see Understanding Primary and Inactive Schedules.