Name Recognition and Generating New Clients

To maintain or increase company name recognition, generate clients, and keep the community updated regarding new projects and accomplishments.

Press Releases

PR01   New Hire

Press release announcing new company hire

PR02   New Business or Service

Press release announcing new business or new service offered

Client Letters

PR03   Business Event

Press release announcing upcoming business event             

PR04    New Office Location

Press release notifying public of change in office location

CL02    New Business-Service

Letter announcing new business opening or new business service offered


CL03    Business Event

Letter Announcing Upcoming Business Event

CL04    New Office Location

Letter Notifying Clients and Community of new Office Location

CL08    Client Follow-up

Follow-Up Letter to Potential Client       


CL10    Holiday Season Letter

End of the year, company overview letters keep clients and professionals updated on the growth and accomplishments of your business.

Marketing Handouts

MH23    Red Marketing Handout

Red, black, and gray color scheme. Additional photographs and artwork can be added. Includes detailed description of the project and list of features.

MH50    Standard Features

Complete the form and copy onto the back of handouts to provide more information on a projectís highlights and features

Brochures & Newsletters

CB13    Tri-Fold Red Brochure

Red, black, and gray color scheme. Photographs  and artwork can be added

CB23    Bi-fold Red Newsletter

Red, black, and gray color scheme.  Additional photographs and artwork can be added