About Sample Marketing Campaign

Sample Marketing Campaigns provide a listing of the recommended letters and literature for the effective advertising and marketing of your business services.  Gain new clients and new jobs with comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Press Releases
Sending press releases to local newspapers will update the public on upcoming events and company news.

Client Letters
Sending letters to potential clients will update them on upcoming events and company news.

Use postcards to advertise and highlight the features of new or existing projects and services.

Marketing Handouts
Keep copies available at new projects for visitors and potential clients. Distribute literature at special events and with regular mailouts to generate continuing interest and sales leads.

Thank You Letters
Use to thank past clients, real estate agents, and other professionals for referring your company.

Get Started with Sample Marketing Campaigns

As an example, we have selected red as the main color for marketing handouts, brochures, and newsletters in the following campaigns.  Alternative colors and styles are also available.