Understanding the ConstructionSuite™ Interface

Meet your new office. When you open ConstructionSuite, you’ll find a digital work space designed for total information management. Use the ConstructionSuite interface as your home base for the integrated applications and components that comprise the new ConstructionSuite system.

& NOTE: Not all features are included in every version. For a complete listing of what's included in your version, view the ConstructionSuite Specialized Versions listing in this help documentation.

Understand the ConstructionSuite Interface

At the top of the ConstructionSuite Interface, you will find drop-down menus for File, View, Data, Tools, and Help.

The ConstructionSuite Navigation Bar, located below the menu row, enables you to:

The ConstructionSuite Sidebar gives you ready-access to essential tools no matter which tab you are currently working from.

& NOTE: You can expand the sidebar by clicking on the left side of the column and moving your mouse left. This will display more information in all of the sections, including more Quick Links and a two-month view of the Mini Calendar. Additionally, you can collapse the sidebar completely by clicking on the left side of the column and moving your mouse all the way to the right side of the interface.

At the bottom of the ConstructionSuite interface, you will see multiple tabs with two main tabs  and then a series of second- and third-level tabs.

To learn more about the ConstructionSuite tab system, read the information in the following section.