UDA ConstructionSuite™ Network

Designed for 5, 10, or 25 users, UDA ConstructionSuite Network makes it easy to share all of your company's data, including contacts, projects, files, and more with every member on your team. Now everyone can collaborate with a universal set of construction management tools through a centralized database system. Powered by one of the most robust platforms for storing, managing, and integrating data across multiple applications, ConstructionSuite Network delivers unmatched scalability, so your company can grow in size and information management needs without having to change software solutions.  

Features at a Glance

& NOTE: *Each installation of ConstructionSuite requires the purchase of an additional license. ConstructionSuite Pro and Premier versions can be networked on up to four computers. ConstructionSuite Corporate and Network versions are designed to accommodate up to 25 networked computers.