Managing Files with the Workgroup Server

On the Workgroup Server Dashboard’s Active Files tab, you can see which files are currently in use on each computer. If needed, you can force check in a file so it can be opened on another computer.

Force Check In should be used with care because:

Force check-in a file from the Workgroup Server Dashboard

  1.  Open the Workgroup Server Dashboard on the server.

  2. Click on the Active Files tab.

  3. If the list is collapsed, click the [+] sign next to the name of the computer to expand that section.

  4. Click once on the name of the file that is checked out.

  5. Click the Check In button at the top of the screen.

  6. Click Yes to confirm the check-in.

p WARNING: If the original user clicks Save after the forced check in, the changes he or she made will overwrite other users' changes.