Setting Up Your ConstructionSuite Network

Sharing a database is easy with UDA ConstructionSuite. Follow the simple steps below to get connected and start saving time by having all of your employees work from a central shared database.

& NOTE: For this process to work successfully, you need to have either a peer-to-peer network or dedicated server in your office.

Install ConstructionSuite

  1. Install ConstructionSuite on each computer you have purchased a license for.

  2. Enter a separate license key for each installation

    NOTE: If you are installing on a dedicated server and you purchased a 5, 10, or 25 User version of ConstructionSuite Network, use the key that begins with SVR to take advantage of the Workgroup Server.

Set up the primary computer

To share a database, you must designate a computer to host the primary database, then create a login for each user who will need to access the database.  

  1. Decide which computer you would like to designate as the primary database.

  2. Open ConstructionSuite on that computer by clicking the desktop icon or by going to  Start > Programs > UDA Technologies > UDA ConstructionSuite.

  3. On the main interface, go to Tools > Configuration > User Configuration.

  4. Click the [Add user] button in the toolbar to open the User Information window.

  5. Enter a Username and a Password. Verify the password.

  6. Designate an access level: User or Administrator. An administrator can force check-in a file if it is opened by another user. To learn more about Check In/Check Out, see Managing Files with Check In / Check Out

  7. Enter a First and Last Name, email, phone number and service provider for the user.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Use the Add, Edit, and Delete buttons on the User Configuration window to make the appropriate changes.

  10. Click OK when done.

    NOTE: The number of users that can log into a single database varies depending on your version and number of purchased licenses. To purchase additional licenses, contact a UDA representative at 1.800.700.8321.

Share the primary database

  1. Once users have a username and password, they can log into the primary computer when opening UDA ConstructionSuite.

  2. Open ConstructionSuite on that computer by clicking the desktop icon or by going to  Start > Programs > UDA Technologies > UDA ConstructionSuite.

  3. On the login screen, enter the Username and Password for the primary database.

  4. Click the Server> button on the right.

  5. Use the drop-down menu to select the primary computer's name from the list.

  6. Click OK.

  7. The computer is now logged in to the primary database. The name of the primary computer will appear in the top right of the interface, in the Server section.

    NOTE:  If you need to switch to another database and are currently logged into ConstructionSuite, you can click the arrow next to the server name in the top right corner of the Interface. Click Yes to confirm change, and then follow the instructions above to log in to another database.

p WARNING: If a window appears indicating that programs need to be closed in order to proceed, please make sure you save any information in the programs before closing them. If you click the Close Programs button on the notification window, the programs will close automatically, and any unsaved information will be lost.