Using the Initial Configuration Wizard

Designed to help you set up your company information, register your product, import contacts from Outlook, and designate your QuickBooks company file (select versions only), the Initial Configuration Wizard makes it easy to get started using the new ConstructionSuite system.

Use the Initial Configuration Wizard

The Initial Configuration Wizard will launch automatically the first time you open UDA ConstructionSuite.

  1. Double-click the UDA ConstructionSuite icon on your desktop.

  2. Click Next to begin the wizard.

  3. Register your product.

Enter your License Key.

Create a Username for the primary user (Administrator).  

Create a Password (optional) and verify it. You are only required to enter a Username each time you open ConstructionSuite.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Enter Company Information.

Only Company Name is required, but enter as much information as possible.

Your Company Name and Address are automatically inserted into documents, and the Zip Code is used for features such as the weather forecast and adjusting costs in the Items Database.

You can edit this information later by going to Tools > Configuration > Company Information.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Complete the ConstructionOnline Registration.

Current ConstructionOnline members can follow the 'Click Here to Login' link to input their current username and password (Available to TotalCare Members Only).

For first-time users,click 'Get Your FREE Account' and complete First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Password and click 'Sign Up'.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Import Microsoft Outlook Contacts.

The UDA Sync Center will open. See Chapter 23: UDA ContactSync for detailed steps to perform a contact sync. Once completed, close UDA Sync Center.

  1. Import Intuit QuickBooks Contacts.

Select your Prompt, Overwrite, and Write options and select Sync

  1. Import UDA ConstructionSuite 2007 Information.

    2017 Import will open. Select Click here to import from a UDA ConstructionSuite 2007 backup. Select the file location of the
    backup and select OK.

  2. Remove UDA ConstructionSuite 2011 Sample Data.

    UDA ConstructionSuite is pre-loaded with a sample project with related Contacts, Activities, To Do items, and more to give
    you an example of how the system integrates data through ConstructionOffice and ConstructionNet.

    Sample data is stored in the database and can be viewed from any of the tabs such as Today, Project, Contact, Calendar,
    and To Do. Once you begin using the ConstructionSuite system, however, you may want to remove the sample data.

p WARNING: Once you remove the sample data, it cannot be restored.

Remove sample data from the ConstructionSuite system

  1. Click Next.

  2. You have now completed the Initial Configuration Wizard. Click Finish to access ConstructionSuite.