Searching for Information in ConstructionSuite™

UDA ConstructionSuite delivers one of the fastest and most advanced database searches available. The progressive search begins returning results as soon as you start typing and will search the entire database for Projects, Contacts, Activities, To Do list items, and Files that match your search query.

Get fast access to the information you need with the UDA ConstructionSuite Search.

Search for information

The Search box is located at the top left of the ConstructionSuite Navigation Bar, where you always have access to it.

  1. Click in the search box and start typing. The Today screen will open a Search Results tab divided into Projects, Activities, To Do, Contacts, and Files.

  2. If more results return than can show in the consolidated tab, click the See All link at the bottom of the section.

  3. To get back to your results, click the Back arrow at the top left of the interface.

& NOTE: Activities and To Dos are a part of the full version of ConstructionNet CRM, available in ConstructionSuite Pro and above.