Opening and Closing ConstructionSuite™

Open ConstructionSuite

Log out of ConstructionSuite

Each license of ConstructionSuite enables you to install the program on one computer or device. However, you can have multiple users on a single computer, if desired. Having multiple users enables you to set varying levels of user control, such as User or Administrator and track which users have created, accessed, or edited files, so you'll know who to contact if questions arise.

Close ConstructionSuite

ConstructionSuite is designed to stay open at all times on your computer to give you fast access to the information you need and to ensure that any reminders you have created will pop up on your screen at the appropriate time. However, you can easily close the program from your view and let it run in the background.

Exit the program completely

If you shut the program down completely, you will not receive any pop up reminders until the program has been opened again on your computer.