Navigating the ConstructionSuite™ Interface

The ConstructionSuite system is the culmination of many years in development and over a thousand new features. To make it simple for you to navigate throughout the system and access the information you need, we've divided it up into easy-to-use tabs and an advanced navigation toolbar.

Using the ConstructionSuite Navigation Toolbar

The ConstructionSuite Navigation Toolbar consists of six parts: Search, Workspaces and Database ID, Backward and Forward Arrows, the Home button, and the Tab Trail.

Using the ConstructionSuite tab system

ConstructionOffice and ConstructionNet have been combined in ConstructionSuite 2010 and you can now navigate between the two seamlessly. ConstructionNet gives you access to all of your project and contact information as well as related features. ConstructionOffice stores all of the templates you'll need for successful project management. Follow the guide below to locate the feature or component you're looking for.

& NOTE: Not all features are included in every version. For a complete listing of what's included in your version, view the ConstructionSuite Specialized Versions listing in this help documentation.





    Located within the Contracts folder, you will find:


LEED Resources

LEED Rating Systems

LEED Version 3

Energy Star

NAHB Green

Developer Tools

Marketing Tools

Personnel Management

Property Management



*Access Insurance Tracking, Project Workflows, Project Associations, and Project Dimensions from this section.


*Access Lead Management, Insurance Tracking, and Contact Associations from this section. Contact synchronization options with Outlook and QuickBooks can also be found in the UDA Contacts documentation.


*Synchronization options with the Outlook Calendar can be found in the UDA Construction Calendar documentation.

To Do List




Products & Services