Introduction to the ConstructionSuite™ Tab System

The ConstructionSuite tab system is organized into three main sections: Summary, Items Database and Company Overview.

& NOTE: Not all features are included in every version. For a complete listing of what's included in your version, view the ConstructionSuite Specialized Versions listing in this help documentation.

When logging into ConstructionSuite, the interface opens directly to the Today page.

From this interface, you will have multiple options for accessing, sorting, and relating information, so it's easy to customize for your company and project needs. You will also find that the interface serves as a central locale for all dynamic templates, allowing you to create estimates, schedules, contracts, specifications and more. You can also link templates into the advanced Workflow system to help smooth the transition between phases and keep your projects progressing effectively. For more information about Workflows, see About Project Workflows.

From the Today screen, you have access to the following tabs: