Customizing Your ConstructionSuite™ View

The Today Summary tab is engineered to be the central control panel from which you manage all of your company's processes. Hosting all Recent Projects, Contacts, and Files, the Today Summary tab also lists overdue, ongoing, and upcoming Activities and To Dos  (Activities and To Dos are available in Pro versions and above) along with a Financial Graph.

ConstructionSuite automatically opens to the Today page. To get back to this page from any screen, select Today in the left toolbar.

Designed to meet your individual company needs, the ConstructionSuite system offers multiple options for customizing the information you view each time you access the Today Summary tab. You can collapse and expand sections and select which information you would like to view.

Customize your ConstructionSuite view

The following sections can be viewed from the Today Summary tab: Recent Projects, Recent Contacts, Recent Files, Financial Graph, Activities, and the To Do List. (Activities and To Do List are included in Pro versions and above.)

& NOTE: You can also expand/collapse sections by clicking on the section header. However, the titles of each section (for example, "Recent Projects") are hyperlinked and will take you to that tab in the ConstructionSuite system. You must click in a blank part of the section header to expand or collapse it in the view.  

Select information columns for each section

For each section on the Today Summary tab (Recent Projects, Recent Contacts, Recent Files, Activities, and the To Do List), there are default columns that provide information about each section. For example, Recent Projects shows the Project Name and Status. You can add and remove columns in each section to customize it for your management needs. For details about viewing columns on the Today Summary tab, see Quick Reference for the Today Summary Tab.

View available columns for each section on the Today Summary tab  

& NOTE: Depending on your version, you may not be able to view all of the following information. Consult the ConstructionSuite Specialized Versions listing in this help documentation to see what features and components are included in your version.