Understanding Primary and Inactive Schedules

If desired, you can create multiple schedules for a single project but must designate one of the schedules as the Primary schedule. Information from your Primary schedule, such as project duration, Activities, and reminders will be displayed in the ConstructionSuite interface. Any other schedules will be marked as Inactive but will still have full functionality.

& NOTE: There are two ways to designate a Primary schedule: when you save the file, or when you right-click on the file in the ConstructionSuite interface.

Set primary schedule status through the Save function

Change schedule status through the ConstructionSuite interface

  1. Open ConstructionSuite by clicking the desktop icon or by going to  Start > Programs > UDA Technologies > UDA ConstructionSuite.

  2. Click on the Projects tab and select a project from the list.

  3. Click on the Files section header. All files for the selected project will be listed. Primary files will have a checkmark on the icon.

  4. To make an Inactive schedule the Primary schedule for the project, right-click on the file and choose Set as Primary.

  5. Click OK to confirm your new Primary schedule. All information in the interface for this project will reference the new Primary schedule.