Adjusting National Average Costs in the Items Database

The RSMeans MeansData™ Costbooks give you access to tens of thousands of items, complete with descriptions and national average costs. You can use the Multiplier selector to adjust the costs by your local area.

This feature adjusts pre-loaded materials, labor, and equipment costs according to your company location. That is, if material costs in your area are 6% above the national average and labor is 4% below the national average, costs in the RSMeans MeansData™ Costbooks will be adjusted accordingly.

& NOTE: The local area multiplier only applies to pre-loaded costs and will not adjust custom quotes. You must have a zip code stored for the company information in ConstructionSuite for the multiplier to adjust your costs.

Adjust costs for your area

  1. Access the Items Database by going to Estimating > Items Database in an open estimate.

  2. If the Filter options are collapsed, click on the arrows to expand the section.

  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Multiplier.

  4. Select Company Location from the list. The costs in the database will adjust accordingly based on your area's comparison to national average costs.  

Remove area multiplier