Using Standard Document Management Templates

UDA Document Management provides standard templates for transmittals, fax covers, envelopes, and memos to help you produce professional correspondence with ease. These templates will automatically include the contact, project, and company information where appropriate. Template documents will save to the appropriate project location, providing a complete record of documentation and correspondence.

Using templates

  1. Open any UDA document, contract, or form.

  2. Click the Templates menu on the Document Management toolbar.

  3. Select a template. 

    New Custom AutoDoc
    will launch the UDA Custom AutoDocs Wizard, so you can create your own letters, contracts, forms, and custom documents with full document management capabilities.

    opens a transmittal document that lists the documents included in the correspondence and the status of the documents, such as Approved or For Your Approval.

    opens a professional memo document.

    opens a document you can use for printing a business letter size envelope.

    Fax Cover
    opens a professional fax cover sheet document.

  4. Revise and format the document to fit your needs.

Permanently modify a ConstructionSuite document template

If you are logged in to ConstructionSuite as an administrator, you can revise and format the master copies of the templates to fit your company needs. 

Modify templates only if you want to permanently change a template and access the modified template every time you use Document Management. Any modifications you make to the master templates will overwrite the standard templates provided with ConstructionSuite. 

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use Modify Template to make changes to a document that you will only use once.

  1. Open ConstructionSuite by clicking the desktop icon or by going to  Start > Programs > UDA Technologies > UDA ConstructionSuite.

  2. Click the Contracts tab.

  3. Click Report Templates in the folder tree on the left side of the interface.

  4. Right-click on the template you wish to permanently modify.

  5. Select Edit Template. The template will open in Microsoft Word.

  6. Make any necessary changes to the template.

  7. Click the Save and Close Master Template button in the Document Management toolbar.  You will now be able to access the modified templates from ConstructionOffice tab in ConstructionSuite.