Networking and Using Additional Licenses

No Server Required. With flexible networking architecture, you don't have to have a dedicated server to benefit from a shared master database. Proprietary networking technology makes it easy for any number of users to share information through a peer-to-peer workgroup, dedicated Windows server, wireless network, remote desktop technology, or virtual private network (VPN).

Multiple Users. Multiple Locations. Now with ConstructionSuite, it's easy to work in the office or on the site. In addition to having the ability to log in to a master database, each licensed computer comes equipped with its own database, so you can utilize the power of ConstructionSuite on a laptop or tablet PC in the field. Employ UDA ProjectSync, included with all multi-user editions, to take advantage of bi-directional synchronization between your mobile computer and the master database before you leave the office, and keep critical project information at your fingertips throughout the day. When you return, synchronize once again to update project changes in the master database. It's that easy with UDA ProjectSync.

Workgroup Server. If you purchased a 5, 10, or 25 User version of ConstructionSuite, you received a specialized key (that begins with SVR) designed to be installed on a dedicated server. This key will enable you to host and manage your master ConstructionSuite database but will not provide a full working version of the software. Enter this key on your server if you do not need to have a full license of ConstructionSuite on that device.  On a peer-to-peer workgroup, simply use a separate license key (not including the SERVER key) to activate each installation of ConstructionSuite. If you choose to utilize the SERVER key on a dedicated server, you can manage your central database, add and update user information, backup the database, and synchronize information from the Workgroup Server Dashboard.