Quick Reference for the Today Summary Tab

As the central launch pad for the ConstructionSuite system, the Today Summary tab gives you instant access to all of your company's recent and upcoming information. From projects to contacts to scheduled items and more, the Today Summary tab makes it easy for you to get the information you need.

Each time it is opened, the ConstructionSuite system will automatically show the Today Summary tab. You can customize the view by collapsing and expanding sections and by selecting which information columns you would like to view for each section.

Recent Projects lists all of the projects you have recently worked on. To learn more about using Projects, see About UDA Projects.  

Recent Contacts
lists all of the contacts you have recently accessed in the ConstructionSuite system. To learn more about using Contacts, see About UDA Contacts.

Recent Files
lists the files you have accessed most recently.

(only available in Pro versions and above) shows a compiled list of  your scheduled items and project subtasks. To learn more about Activities, see About ConstructionSuite Activities

To Do List
(only available in Pro versions and above) shows a compiled list of your overdue and upcoming To Do List items, including those associated with specific projects or contacts.