Creating a QuickBooks Estimate

You can create a QuickBooks estimate directly from a UDA estimate. With QuickBooks estimates, you can base an invoice off an estimate, add markups, and create reports.

1.  Back up your QuickBooks company.

                NOTE:  QuickBooks exports are irreversible. Backing up QuickBooks before exporting from UDA Estimating protects your accounts from possible errors.

2.  In UDA Estimating, go to QuickBooks Integration > Create QuickBooks Estimate.

3.  Choose to create estimate From Project Totals Page or From Entire Workbook.

4.  Select Include estimated item costs if you would like to export the estimated costs of all items in UDA Estimating.

                                NOTE: If you included tax in your UDA estimate, the cost of an item will include tax when imported into QuickBooks.

5.  If desired choose Include Overhead and Margin and/or Include Custom Markup.

      Include Overhead and Margin will include the profit margin designated in UDA Estimating in the Company Overhead & Margin category.

      Include Custom Markup will include a profit margin in QuickBooks only. Select either Percent Margin (industry recommended: a true percentage of the grand total) or Percent of Costs (a percentage of the project subtotal). Enter a value for the percent markup.

                NOTE:  You may choose both Include Overhead & Margin and Include Custom Markup. The Custom Markup will be calculated in addition to Company Overhead and Margin and added to costs in QuickBooks only. Your UDA Estimating file will not include Custom Markups.

6.  Click OK.

    &     If you receive an error message, you have not completed your first QuickBooks export. Use the QuickBooks Integration Wizard to create the export (ExportQB.iif). In QuickBooks, go to File > Import > IIF Files (QuickBooks 2004 and later) or File > Utilities > Import (QuickBooks 2003 and earlier). Browse to the ExportQB file (default location: C:\Program Files\UDA Office\ExportQB.iif) and click Open.

7.  To view the imported estimates in QuickBooks, go to Customers > Create Estimates. Choose the Customer: Job from the drop down menu or navigate using the Previous and Next buttons to view UDA imported estimates.