UDA Plan Specifications

Ideal Home Plan Shelton Width of Home 71'-10"
Plan Number 95105 Depth of Home 46'-0"
Square Footage Standard Ceiling Height
Main 2094 sf First Floor 9'-0"
Second 918 sf Second Floor 8'-0"
Basement Basement
Bonus Room Vaulted Ceiling Foyer, Grt, Master
Total Interior 3012 sf Tray Ceiling
Garage / Carport 537 sf Height of Home (FF to Ridge) 32'-0"
Unfinished Basement Main Roof Pitch 12 in 12
Deck/Patio 456 sf Roof Construction Stick
Porches Total Roof Loads 30 psf
Number of Rooms Insulation R Values
Bedrooms 4 Exterior Walls R-15
Baths 3.5 Roof R-30
Foundation Type(s) Exterior Wall Veneer(s)
Slab Brick Yes
Crawlspace Yes Stucco
Basement Siding
Window Type Exterior Wall Framing 2"x4"
Double Hung Yes Interior Wall Framing 2"x4"
Casement Blueprints 24"x 36" 10 Pages

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