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UDA Marketing Tools - List of Components 
UDA Marketing Tools includes 50 professionally designed templates provided in a variety of colors and styles effective for building sales and building your business. 

Listing of Features and Components
The following Marketing Handouts, Brochures, Newsletters, Postcards, Press Releases, Client Interest and Thank You Letters are included in UDA Marketing Tools:

Sample Marketing Campaigns 
Provides a listing of recommended letters and literature needed for the effective advertising and marketing of your business services and the recruitment of new clients and projects.
  • Basic Marketing Campaign
  • Comprehensive Marketing Campaign
  • Building Brand Name Recognition - Generating New Clients
  • Newsletters 
    Can be used as a monthly, quarterly or seasonal update, keeping clients and the community aware of your progress. 

  • CB21 Bi-fold Black and White Newsletter
  • CB22 Bi-fold Natural Color Newsletter 
  • CB23 Bi-fold Red Color Newsletter 
  • CB24 Bi-fold Retro Color Newsletter
  • Company and Project Brochures 
    Company, project or service specific brochures outlining your company history, awards, recognition and testimonials.

  • CB11 Tri-fold Black and White Brochure
  • CB12 Tri-fold Natural Color Brochure 
  • CB13 Tri-fold Red Color Brochure 
  • CB14 Tri-fold Retro Color Brochure
  • Marketing Handouts
    Can easily be distributed at the job site for detailed information on project features and finishes.
    Style One

  • MH11 BW Marketing Handout 
  • MH12 Natural Marketing Handout 
  • MH13 Red Marketing Handout 
  • MH14 Retro Marketing Handout 

  • Style Two
  • MH21 BW Marketing Handout
  • MH22 Natural Marketing Handout
  • MH23 Red Marketing Handout
  • MH24 Retro Marketing Handout
  • MH50 Standard Features
  • Postcards
    Simple and effective templates for advertising and highlighting the features of new or existing projects and services.
    Style One

  • PC11 Black and White Postcard 
  • PC12 Natural Postcard 
  • PC13 Red Postcard 
  • PC14 Retro Postcard 

  • Style Two
  • PC21 Black and White Postcard
  • PC22 Natural Postcard
  • PC23 Red Postcard
  • PC24 Retro Postcard
  • Client Interest Letters 
    A starting point for construction professionals who wish to bring in more clients, build relationships and set your company apart.

  • CL01 Client Survey 
  • CL02 New Business Service 
  • CL03 Business Event 
  • CL04 New Office Location 
  • CL05 New Project Started
  • CL06 New Project Completed 
  • CL07 Project in Progress
  • CL08 Client Follow-up
  • CL09 Client Reference List
  • CL10 Holiday Season Letter
  • Thank You Letters 
    Continue good working relationships with past clients, bankers, realtors, architects and the business community.

  • TL01 Realtor Reference 
  • TL02 Architect/Designer Referencce 
  • TL03 Banker Reference 
  • TL04 Past Client Reference 
  • TL05 Realtor Sale
  • TL06 Thanks for Bidding Opportunity 
  • Press Releases 
    A simple and effective method for advertising special events, the start/completion of new projects or other important business events.

  • PR01 New Hire
  • PR02 New Business or Service
  • PR03 Business Event
  • PR04 New Office Location
  • PR05 New Project Started
  • PR06 New Project Completed
    How to Order
    UDA Online Direct offers online ordering and downloads - 24 hours a day.
    Call 1-800-700-8321 M-F, 9-7est

    System Components
    The UDA Construction Office System The Construction Office System includes the following Components. Overview
    Major Components
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Contracts
  • Specifications
  • Document Management
  • Additional Tools
  • ProjectBackup
  • ProjectSync
  • Marketing Tools
  • Financing
  • Mobile Integration
  • Additional Licenses

  • Customer Feedback
    High Concentrations of Companies using UDA Construction Office
  • Case Studies
    See what Drives their Success
  • Success Stories
    What our Customers are Saying

  • Learn More
    Take the UDA Video TourTake the UDA Video Tour. Learn how the Construction Office system can work for you.
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  • Product Overview
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