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Construction Office
Designed for Homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers
UDA Construction Office™ QT Homeowner provides simple and effective Construction Management, Contracts, Estimating, Accounting and Productivity Tools and Guidelines, plus direct integration between UDA Estimating and QuickBooks, automatically producing detailed budgets, matching Chart of Accounts for cost coding invoices and bills, accurate job-cost, profit and loss, cash flow and budget reports for Do-It-Yourselfers or Individuals Contracting or Building their own home. 

UDA Construction Office Software

Build with Confidence!
We've all heard the horror stories. Difficult situations, disputes and delays. By providing the tools to eliminate overrun budgets, stay on schedule and produce essential contracts and understandable documentation, UDA Construction Office Homeowner is powerful software you can use right now to successfully contract your new home. 

Liability - The Unforseen Risks
According to trade organizations, unnecessary exposure to workers injury liabilties resulting from vague or inadequate contracts account for over 70 percent of construction related lawsuits and expose individuals personally to millions of dollars of potential damages.

Contracts for Homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers
UDA Contracts for Homeowners include specialized "Hold Harmless and Indemnity" clauses to limit personal liability and present clear, concise terms, eliminating confusion and unwanted surprises.

QuickBooksSuper Offer. Super Timing.
Start your project with an effective accounting system! If you use QuickBooks Pro, this is the tool you need to create a successful accounting system for your construction project. New UDA QuickBooks Tools for Windows included in Construction Office QT provides accurate, detailed job-cost, profit and loss, cash flow and budget reports for managing your finances.

What's Included
UDA Construction Office™ QT Homeowner includes the following components: 

UDA Estimating UDA Estimating
Accurate construction estimating with optional Scheduling & QuickBooks integration
UDA QuickBooks Integration UDA QuickBooks Integration
Synchronize estimating categories, items, budgets, and job costs with QuickBooks
UDA Contracts UDA Contracts
Comprehensive library of automated construction contracts, forms, and documents
UDA Specifications UDA Specifications
Quick, clear, accurate construction specifications
UDA Financing UDA Financing
Create winning loan applications and documentation
UDA Quicken Accounts UDA Quicken Accounts
Construction-based categories and classes for Quicken
UDA Automation UDA Document Management
Create automated contracts, proposals, reports, and custom documents
UDA ProjectBackup UDA ProjectBackup
Quickly back up critical project files with scheduled file maintenance
UDA Mobile Integration UDA Mobile Integration
View Construction Office project data on a Pocket PC
UDA Reference Guide 344-Page Construction Office User Guide
User Guide and WebHelp with step-by-step instructions, FAQs, and more

Purchase Information
ConstructionSuite 2011
This product is no longer available for purchase. Please click on the following link to discover the next generation of ConstructionOffice with new ConstructionNet™ Technology:

Introducing the New UDA ConstructionSuite 2011

Endorsed by the Industry 
UDA Contracts and Forms include optional Arbitration Clauses approved by the National Construction Dispute Resolution Committee and endorsed by all 22 major construction trade organizations, including:
National Association of Home Builders
Associated General Contractors
American Bar Association
Construction Specifications Institute
American Institute of Architects
Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

Learn which Construction Office™ Suite best meets your needs. 

Specific Benefits for Homeowners
Limit Liability
Vague contracts are simple to execute but nearly impossible to enforce. Such agreements mean trouble if you don't keep control by insuring that each contract clearly defines expectations and protects you and your family from taking on liabilities and responsibilities that should not fall into your lap. 

Minimize Cost Overruns
UDA Estimating tools allow you to quickly estimate your construction costs, including materials, fees, labor, etc... It is virtually impossible to maintain project allowances and keep costs at a minimum if you don't keep up with every expense. UDA spreadsheet templates take the guess work out of the process, saving you the headache of an overrun budget.

Secure a Loan to Build your Home 
Preparation, well defined specifications, professional contracts and a thoroughly planned budget will give your banker the confidence to finance your new home. UDA Construction Office QT Homeowner provides the tools to take you through this critical step successfully. 

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  • Microsoft Developer

    Proven Technology
    UDA Construction Office is designed as a companion product for Microsoft Office to provide you the Construction Administration Tools necessary to successfully tackle any project, including: Planning, Design, Estimating, Bidding and Contracting.

    Powerful Solutions
    ComputerUsed by thousands of Builders, Individuals and Professionals, UDA Construction Office Software is your comprehensive solution for Construction Management tools.  Newly updated Construction Office now includes a comprehensive library of Construction Contracts, Forms, Specifications, Worksheets and Templates designed to accomplish everyday tasks more efficiently. Whether you are working on 1 or 100 projects, UDA Construction Office provides the Construction Management tools you need to succeed. 

    What clients are saying
    Listen" First I want to say I am totally in shock! After months of countless hours spent reading books, buying books, buying videos, searching the internet and talking with other companies, this software (Construction Office Homeowner) is by-far the the best preparation home building informational software I have found anywhere! After downloading yesterday, I have been up all night, can you tell I'm excited? I have talked to builders, suppliers, architects and professionals to help me build this cabin, but I could never get the information your company provides. By the way... my past life, in Hollyweird, California was with NBC studios, Johnny Carson/Jay Leno show as Art Director, Set Designer and Builder... now I'm here to lead a dream life building a few homes.
    Thanks Again" 

    Richard Gunst
    Breckenridge, Colorado 

    Other Success Stories

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