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Introducing New ConstructionOnline Pro Features

May 18, 2013

ConstructionOnlineUDA Technologies is excited to announce the release of ConstructionOnline Pro Features! With over 100,000 users, ConstructionOnline is the industry's top online construction management software. The addition of Pro Features expands on the existing functionality of ConstructionOnline and elevates it to the next level of organization and project management solutions.

With the introduction of Pro Features, professionals around the world have the opportunity to increase their productivity and team communication with just a few clicks of the mouse. Gone are the days of hard-to-read paper schedules and project logs. No more worrying about crowded desk calendars and flimsy to do lists. ConstructionOnline gives you a way to easily take care of all of your information in one place.

Pro Features gives you the ability to use many helpful and exciting features such as:

  • Scheduling
  • Project Logging
  • Calendars
  • To Dos
  • OnSite Mobile Apps
  • Custom Branding
  • Project Archiving
  • ConstructionOnline Scheduling

    ConstructionOnline has become the new industry standard for online construction project management by offering the world's fastest web-based Gantt chart scheduling software. With its unmatched speed, flexibility, and ease of use, ConstructionOnline Scheduling has raised the bar in the online project management software industry.

    ConstructionOnline Project Logging

    No need for those tedious paper work logs anymore! ConstructionOnline Project Logging gives you and your team the ability to track everything from delivery times to the daily weather, all in one place. This helps you efficiently organize your current projects and better plan for your future ones, even if you're not on the jobsite.

    ConstructionOnline Calendars

    With ConstructionOnline Calendars, every event for all of your projects is displayed in one location. Filtering by contact, timeframe, or project is simple and allows you to view your activities individually. Users can also set reminders for themselves or any of their contacts. These reminders can be sent to their email or mobile phone, so there's never another missed appointment or meeting.

    ConstructionOnline To Dos

    ConstructionOnline To Dos allows you to center your attention on one task or assign multiple tasks to your team. This isn't your average checklist, however. You can easily relate assignments to specific projects, files, and contacts. To Dos give you the tools to effortlessly handle multiple projects and your entire staff's upcoming assignments, wherever you go.

    OnSite Mobile Apps

    Designed to synchronize with your ConstructionOnline account, these award-winning apps let you instantly access and share essential project files on-the-go from your mobile device or tablet. Enjoy the power and convenience of OnSite Mobile Apps at the jobsite.

    Custom Branding

    Custom Branding in ConstructionOnline Pro Features gives you the power to add your company logo, name, custom project icons, and corporate colors throughout all your projects. Now your clients, subs, suppliers, and entire project team will see your corporate branding spread across ConstructionOnline, adding credibility and consistency to your project management and data files.

    Project Archiving

    Project Archiving allows users to quickly and safely archive or store complete projects on ConstructionOnline. Simply select the project you want to hide and click Archive. It's just that easy.

    Working together, the new features of ConstructionOnline make project management easier than ever. Pro Features takes your business to the next level. President of UDA Technologies, Michael Stevens said, "We are continually looking for new ways to help construction professionals manage their information more efficiently and effectively. ConstructionOnline Pro Features is very exciting because it can help any professional, at any time, from anywhere."

    Construction Project Management Made Easier

    Effective organization and management tools are vital to the success of firms in the increasingly competitive industry that has evolved over the past few years. UDA Technologies is dedicated to providing those tools, with the goal of helping reduce the cost of construction and helping their clients succeed.

    UDA ConstructionOnline is the world's fastest growing collaboration resource for construction professionals. Forget the limitations of traditional construction software programs - now you can have the powerful tools that you need, like Scheduling, Calendars, Logging, and To Dos, combined with the freedom of online collaboration that you love. Teamwork and communication have a new name: ConstructionOnline. Learn More

    Sign up for your free 5GB ConstructionOnline Account today to get started!

    About UDA Technologies
    UDA TechnologiesUDA Technologies is one of the fastest growing providers of construction productivity software in the United States, Canada, Australia, and 75 countries worldwide with double digit, industry leading revenue growth. Designed for growing businesses, UDA construction software manages over 50 billion dollars of construction annually. Identified as a key partner in construction software technology, UDA Technologies is a Microsoft Partner and a Premier Intuit QuickBooks developer.

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