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ConstructionOnline Updated with New Features and 5 GB of Free Storage

January 24, 2012

ConstructionOnline, The world's most popular online file-sharing resource for construction professionals is now even more advanced and convenient, providing more efficient collaboration features for thousands of users.

Redesigned Layout for Faster Viewing

ConstructionOnlineThe Dialog View, a live-updating feed of project information, has been further enhanced and streamlined to provide easier viewing of the most relevant updates. New Preview capability allows users to access project files instantly - without even downloading them. You can also now comment on activity directly from the main page instead of waiting for new pages to load. Additionally, on mobile devices the main layout now automatically adjusts for smaller screen sizes. ConstructionOnline shows you what you need quickly, minimizing downtime so you can get the job done faster.

Customizable Notifications

The Digest feature organizes notifications into categories and allows for more customizable updates. Navigation is made easier with notification types such as 'Project Edit', 'File Upload', 'File Download', 'File Edit', 'File Deletion', and 'New Comment'. Users can then specify which of these types they want to receive as well as how often they receive them.

Enhanced Organization

With new Tagging capabilities, users can organize files and images into multiple groups, creating custom sorts and filters. Photos are already organized by albums, but they can now also be sorted with descriptive tags. For instance, you could sort your photos into categories such as "landscaping" or "flooring" so you can easily filter through those specific types of pictures instead of just grouping by project.

Generous Storage Space

One of the most exciting new improvements is the 5GB storage capacity that now comes with your free ConstructionOnline account. Not only is that 5 times the original storage space, but 5GB is the equivalent of thousands of high resolution photos, documents, files, and plans. Additional storage plans of up to 100+ GB are available for purchase. ConstructionOnline already makes it easy to share files, now you can do it freely without worrying about storage capacity.

President of UDA Technologies, Michael Stevens, comments on the updates, "From the start, ConstructionOnline has been a product based on the feedback of our clients. We make sure it's constantly growing and evolving to both adapt to our users' needs and exceed their expectations."

About UDA Technologies
UDA TechnologiesUDA Technologies is one of the fastest growing providers of construction productivity software in the United States, Canada, Australia, and 75 countries worldwide with double digit, industry leading revenue growth. Designed for growing businesses, UDA construction software manages over 50 billion dollars of construction annually. Identified as a key partner in construction software technology, UDA Technologies is a Microsoft Partner and a Premier Intuit QuickBooks developer.

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