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Job Title: Customer Service Coordinator
Job Category: Customer Service and Marketing
Division: Software and Technology Services
Class: Full-time, Permanent


UDA Technologies is seeking a full-time Customer Service Coordinator in the Auburn office. The Customer Service Coordinator will be responsible for managing and inspiring an internal sales and support team and ensuring that customer service standards are maintained in all client interactions. In addition, the Customer Service Coordinator will continually evaluate the quality of service and initiate improvements and positive growth on a regular basis. Ideal candidates will have strong verbal and written communication skills, be self-motivated, have a mature and outgoing personality, and be proficient in Microsoft Office and/or QuickBooks.

Successful candidates will be involved in a variety of operations including managing and directing sales staff, improving customer service operations, answering inbound sales calls, maintaining client contacts, providing product support, assisting quality control, and managing client database and documentation.

Benefits include excellent salary, 401K, profit-sharing, BlueCross BlueShield health and dental coverage, vacation, holidays and sick leave, discounted health club membership, opportunities for career advancement, and friendly office environment.


  • Manage and inspire an internal sales, support, and customer service team
  • Act as a team leader to accomplish customer service initiatives
  • Assist in training and continuing education for employees
  • Determine and implement creative customer service solutions designed to best reach client base
  • Answer and direct inbound sales calls and technical support calls and emails
  • Develop and follow customer service guidelines and maintain consistency
  • Pursue, manage, and complete a variety of different projects based on skill set and interest
  • Participate in planning and implementing marketing campaigns for new software releases
  • Implement advanced web-based customer service systems
  • Consult software engineers throughout the entire development cycle to ensure customer focused improvements
  • Project management - plan projects, maintain schedules, and meet deadlines
  • Analyze audience through sales and technical support calls and continually use audience analysis to improve documentation and marketing materials
  • Maintain a customer focus and suggest new product features, marketing strategies, and other solutions
  • Participate in analyzing and planning new opportunities and markets for software


  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree
  • Strong Customer Service skills for a variety of product and project types (experience required)
  • Strong project management skills
  • Must have experience using Microsoft Office, especially Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Must be self-motivated, willing to learn and adapt to new situations, and focused on customer needs

Submit cover letter and resume to careers@uda1.com

About UDA Technologies
UDA TechnologiesUDA Technologies is a leading provider of software applications and services for construction professionals in the United States, Canada, and over 60 countries across the globe. Designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, UDA ConstructionOffice project management and construction estimating software manages over 32 billion dollars of construction annually. UDA Technologies was one of the first companies to capitalize on e-commerce opportunities for vertical markets and has sustained annual revenue growth of at least 45%. Identified as a key partner in construction software technology, UDA Technologies is a certified Microsoft Developer and a Premier Intuit QuickBooks developer.

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UDA Human Resources
UDA Technologies, Inc.
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