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UDA Accessible Ideal Home Plans
Accessible Plans for Families

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UDA Accessible Plan Packages
  • 1 Single Set of Ideal Home Plans (First Step in making a Decision)
  • 5 Sets of the Same Ideal Home Plan (Required for Bidding, Appraisal)
  • 8 Sets of the Same Ideal Home Plan (Necessary for Contractor, Subs, Permits, Lending Institution) ordered as 5 Sets plus 3 Additional Sets
  • Reverse Plans (Mirror Imaged) all text and dimensions will read backwards

  • (must be purchased with multi-set orders) 
  • Sepia Set (Eraseable Reproducible Vellum)
  • CAD Plans include Computer CAD Files on CD-Rom and 1 Reproducible Set of Plans
  • Additional Construction Plan Licenses
  • Additional Sets (when ordered within 30 days of original order)
Type Size (sf) 1 Set of Accessible Plans 5 sets or 1 Reproducible Set of Accessible Plans CAD Accessible Plans
A ...1,500 $799.00  $849.00  $1049.00 
B 1,501...2,000 $849.00  $899.00  $1099.00 
C 2,001...2,500 $899.00  $949.00  $1149.00 
D 2,501...3,000 $949.00  $999.00  $1199.00 
E 3,001...3,500 $999.00  $1049.00  $1249.00 
F 3,501...4,000 $1049.00  $1099.00  $1299.00 
G 4,001... $1099.00  $1149.00  $1349.00 
H Duplexes $999.00  $1049.00  $1349.00 
UDA Software Solutions for:  
  • Homeowners
  • $49.95 - $69.95 
  • Professionals
  • $59.95 - $519.95 
    General Notes concerning UDA Accessible Plan Packages
    • Complete Accessible Details, Notes, Specifications and Alternate Bath Layouts are included in addition to the original complete set of Ideal Home Plans so that you can choose which accessible features meet your specific needs. 
    • Accessible Features can be implemented on a need basis, with primary consideration recommended for structural or otherwise costly retrofitting components. For example, by initially including strucural blocking and appropriate plumbing fixtures, you can eventually add ramps and handrails without costly reconstruction. 
    • For further information feel free to contact a UDA Design Associate at info@uda1.com or call toll-free 1-800-700-8321, M-F 9-7 est. 
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